My Perfect Relationship (Today on: Most certainly non existent things)

While I know that the reality of dating world is something like


Yet,I do dream of a perfect relationship.

And in this post I will tell you a little something about that.

Now, let me just preface this by saying that if some parts of this post seem “un-feministic” then I apologize in advance.I am a big believer of feminism and I do not need a hero to save my damsel ass (although the universe is witness; if someone needs saving , ‘my damsel ass’ will emerge as a very strong candidate BUT  I know that relationship is not the way to go. It’s gotta be all the Self healing kinda BS)

So the things I will describe here will be just what I want ;although I am completely aware that I will most definitely not be getting that and probably such a person doesn’t even exist but girl’s gotta dream right?

In no particular order here we go,

  1. Abstract Touches- I don’t know about anyone else but if my partner randomly touches me (in a completely non sexual kind of way) you can see my entire body blushing from impact. It’s a bonus if they are also doing absentmindedly and not realizing it themselves, I mean it’s like the cutest thing. It throws my totally nerdy and on some level my hopeless romantic mind to those hopelessly romantic lines like ” He touched her randomly now and again, just to make sure that she was real and here with him which was the biggest miracle of them all” . Now I am certain 99.9% of the time I wouldn’t even feel that much for them but for that one millisecond I will be the biggest miracle of them all and that’s a feeling worth holding on to.
  2.  Memes- Now, I am millennial and hence obviously no relation will be complete        without the mention of one of the greatest inventions of our time( Yes, it is one of the greatest and Yes, I will fight with you if you say otherwise). Them MEMES. Nothing will make me happier than seeing my S.O. has tagged me in a bunch of memes. Call me an meme addict but it actually serves to two amazing purposes. Firstly, You get to see new good memes.Do we even need a second? But the second one is even more great. (IKR, kinda impossible) Secondly, it means that you saw something and I came to your mind. I… Whaa.. That’s like the best thing. You think about me? That’s so cool. Thank-you man. Thank-You.
  3. Conversations- Call me old school but I would want to be with someone with whom I can talk about everything. And I mean EVERY-THING-UNDER-THE-FREAKING-SUN( Actually sometimes also beyond our solar system like other galaxies and stars and shizz but you get the point). I want to talk to them about the probable hygiene routine of the neanderthal man, about my life in a parallel universe, about every little detail of their day, about my best friend’s day, about the things that matter the most to you and me and I also want to talk to them about the times when I feel that turtles are planning to take over the world(You know they always look like they are planning something) and I want them to equally attentive both times. Nothing should be thrown out as not even worth discussing or too weird or too personal to be discussed.I want to cover the span of universe with our conversations.
  4. Let Me Know I am Not a Bother but a privilege. Now, I don’t mean it literally, but in a world where I am sometimes afraid to double text my best friend (Yes, I have that level of insecurity; also KEYWORD: Sometimes) Don’t make me feel like I am disturbing you all the time or imposing myself on you and you bear because we are going out. I understand that you can’t talk to me all the time and neither do I expect you to but just the general vibe that you are glad I texted would probably suffice.
  5. Tell me your story- By now, you should know that the nerdy girl in me shall not die. And what is it that makes nerdy girls squirm and loose control completely? You guessed it, it’s a good story. So, if you are the human I have chosen to shower with affection, I would love for nothing more than to know your story.Pull me into your backstory so much so that I feel as if I was there for all of it. Tell me about your future as if we most definitely build it together. Let me know, I am leaving a mark on your story. Make me your favourite character and I will make you mine. (I stepped into creepy a bit there didn’t I? Eh. I just really love stories okay?)
  6. My competition- Be my competition in the right things. Don’t give up all things for me because I asked or I want. Give up only those I deserve. Help me grow and Grow with me. Argue with me when you feel I am wrong,correct me, convince me.Be my competition in chugging beer, Be my competition in binge watching, Be my competition in becoming a kinder person, be my competition in making the world if only slightly better and be my competition in being weird and confusing the fuck out of people sometimes. Because I would like to do all these things and it would be infinitesimally better if you would be there to do it with me.
  7. Know Me – Now, I know this one’s going to controversial but it is what it is (*wink* quote Watson *wink*) Don’t always take what I say at face value. I will be amazingly logical in convincing myself that I don’t need help or I am totally fine and I don’t need anyone and the best part is I will believe it sincerely too. Know that these are the times I need you the most. Know me and you will know I shut people off most when I most need help. Know me and you will know the things I say I don’t want to talk about are the ones that have the power to strip me naked. Know me and you will know that most of the times you just have to push me and I will place my heart in your palm. I am most scared of you knowing me yet I probably am the only one who wants it most for you to just Know Me.

And so the mythical creature was described.

I have been and will still be in the future, in relationships that aren’t anywhere near this one because this would be my perfect relationship but not relationships have to perfect. More importantly, This is what I think I want. What I need might be a completely different story.

PS: Totally forgot, Here’s my dating resume, if you wanna recommend me to someone for “The perfect relationship”. Thanks xD




Song Recommendation: King by Lauren Aquilina


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