College Feels: Part 1

So real talk

College expectations                     




And the Reality in every scenario possible



College is probably one of the few times when life partially provides you with a new start. A new persona, new people, new hobbies(even the recreational ones) , new look; College will give you all.

This change of lifestyle is not subtle at all. Nothing will prepare you and it’ll have no buildup or foundation whatsoever. It’s like the real life equivalent of the moment you found out that Severus Snape was a good guy all along.(Yeah, Harry Potter spoilers but tbh if you haven’t read or seen HP, you are too young to be reading this anyway)

College, at least the Engineering ones in India  give us one thing for sure : CHOICE. AND they also prepare us for the real world in the realest way possible.Here’s a list of things that college has already taught me and I am like midway 2nd year; my course is of 4 years

  • You can pursue your talent to world’s end here but you need to have determination, patience and most importantly you need to believe in it. You also need to know that it will come at the cost of your CGPA. You can choose.
  • Some say there isn’t any judgment in college. I disagree. People will not stop judging you just because, college. What Will Happen Is At anytime you will be free to decide to be any person you want to and you will always find some people like you; any you that you choose to be . You can be the nerdy gamer or passionate guitar player or if you feel that isn’t going your way BAM! Quit it and try to find yourself with something else. Be a model, a quizzer, a player, an environmentalist,a teacher, a binge watcher, an athlete,a debater, an app developer. Be 3 or 4 of these. The list is endless.What Will Happen Is  Here you’ll be cool only if you try to do what you actually love. So Choose

    Always choose
  • You are going to know yourself so much better after being through with this experience. With the illusion of shape and definitiveness that school and care of parents provide finally removed, you will get to know what kind of person you are when you are not forced to live up to someone else’s expectations AND you’ll get time to know this person and deal with him/her, make them better even.So choose that person.

Suddenly you are really, actually free to do anything and everything which is like the best feeling ever for 5 minutes everyday but like all good things college has its golden moments too. Existential crisis, Sudden weight of adulthood, Realization of how close we are to shaping our future and the 8 AM classes. These are the things written on the small font and a star at the end of the COLLEGE DEAL.More about that some other time.

On some days in college you are spongebob and on others you are squidward.


So in conclusion, Right now I feel college is like Sunday night. You can relax, you can be LIT or you can just be stressed about what’s coming (If you are confused about what I do, its mostly number 3) BUT the bottom line is no matter what MONDAY IS COMING(*insert the Eddard Stark accent*)

BUT who knows college has changed me so much, maybe it’ll change me some more.



Disclaimer: So this post is written in a very very happy mood. So excuse the hopefulness if it seems too much. I assure you days of anxiety, depression and angst will follow without doubt.

Nevertheless do let me know what you think of this. Tell me about your college experience. Was this relatable? Or is it completely different from where you live? Or if you have any wise words to live through this. Always appreciated. Since by now I think anyone reading this would know that I AM THE BIGGEST SUCKER FOR CONVERSATIONS and GETTING TO KNOW ABOUT DIFFERENT PEOPLE

Disclaimer pt2: Unlike this pt 2 , I am not sure if there will be a College feels; Pt 2 but i am like 98.99999% sure. So……


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