College Feels: Part 1

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1st Post: Welcome to My Life

Ola, Hello and namaste to all.

Firstly a word about what this blog is about. It’s basically  going to be a rant platform for me. I will writing anonymously and so it’s entirely possible nobody’s reading but that’s okay because I can’t ever be sure that no-one’s not reading either. (And yes, I know you can check stats and stuff but I’ll be going a little old school and not check that). The gift of internet is that you can be anyone or you can just be yourself, no-one will know either way.It’s a transparent curtain. I can’t be judged either.

So, I’ll be talking about my life or things or feel like talking about openly without the fear of being condemned and judged and that’ll be all; in a nutshell .

So without further chit-chat.

Here’s the story and some background about my life. And don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense because sometimes it doesn’t to me either.

Although close the door behind you. Will You?


I am an 18 year old, 2nd year College student. Forced into adulthood but not quite. Because you see in India, parents never quite let you be on your own ever.(We have 2 omnipresent entities God and Parents)

I am thoroughly confused about what am I supposed to do with my life and constantly search for a purpose. But that isn’t the only thing for search for. I am constantly searching for a real talent, a superpower, a new TV series to ruin my life and the lost brother of that one lonely sock in my almriah.

I am a person who loves to know things (Ravenclaw to the core.) I reading about anything and everything. Be it Shakespeare, Galaxies, Grizzly bear, Trains, Football or even interesting things about the color of dirt in front of your house. Here some of things that I love an almost unreal amount: Terraces, the color black , things or stories related to prison and coconut flavored things.

Some other prominent talents include; Procrastination(Obvio, I am a millennial afterall), Getting an existential crisis after seeing small things, Over Thinking about things that probably don’t exist IRL and making myself sad while ignoring the very real issues of life, needing a nap like every 4 hours tbh  and (the one I believe only I am stupid enough to have) Getting bothered by problems and actions of people which have nothing to do with me.

Now you tell me

I feel that this is getting too long and we gotta save something for later too

So. A rapid fire round. Okay?

I don’t like pizza that much.(please don’t kill me), Have a kind of screwed up relationship with my parents, want to have 4 dogs, can watch TV shows and read for the rest of my life, ‘like’ all the want to die memes on Instagram (make of that what you will), Drink and smoke weed and hash, Love to sing and dance(and do both of them like a loser tbh), Am playing it cool but want someone to come across this even like 4o0 years in future is fine, I’m a sarcastic antisocial person who can flick you off with just my aura MIND YOU. And finally one most important thing


Until Next Time,

With love disguised as Sarcastic comments (except it’s rarely a disguise)